The main advantages of the systems developed by ELSIS are their versatility, operation flexibility, ease of implementation and scalability.

Automation systems for power and utility networks

  • Systems for remote monitoring and management of water supply and sanitation
  • Telemetry systems for thermal, electrical, and water supply and drainage networks
  • Automated systems for data collection and dispatch control of technological processes
  • Energy resources control and accounting systems: heat energy, electricity, gas, water
  • Systems for diagnostics of technological equipment
  • Automated control systems for general technological processes
  • Systems of operation and management of telecommunication processes
  • Equipment of automation and communication systems supply

Building Management Systems

  •  Вuilding management systems for different types of buildings
  • Centralized accounting and management of energy costs
  • Automated dispatching system for municipal services
  • Solutions for improving the energy efficiency of buildings

Industrial Cyber Security

  • Analysis of cyber security risks
  • Evaluation of the possibility of hacking computer networks
  • Program for employees to improve the concept of enterprise security
  • Evaluation and development of security policy
  • Assessment of managed personal data of employees and individuals

Software development

  • Register of the Protected Areas, Species of Wild Animals and Plants
  • Radioactive waste registration information system
  • Tax declarations processing
  • Fine administration (e-fine)
  • Command, control and communication information systems (C4ISR)
  • Tactical data links (Link 1, 16, 22)
  • Healthcare services and patient queues management
  • Warehouse accounting and management
  • Structured electronic document management and data exchange
  • Study quality management system
  • Aircraft technical maintenance simulator
  • Financial mechanisms and instruments management systems
  • E-democracy solutions
  • Business process management solutions
  • Risk management solutions