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Elsis group offers a full range of solutions and services that help organizations become more efficient and profitable by implementing modern technologies.

We are experts of automation of the basic production processes, as well as control systems, dispatching residential and industrial buildings.


In 2018, the World Bank tender “Implementation of automated process control systems using SCADA” CHS-ICB-03 in the framework of the Urban Infrastructure Projects-2 program for the implementation of automation of control processes through SCADA with cybersequrity system and commercial electricity metering – ASKOE in the water channel of the city of Cherkassy.

In 2012, the tender of the World Bank “Supply & Installation of Telemetry System at Chernihivvodokanal” ChWWP-ICB-05SI was won within the framework of the Urban Infrastructure Projects program and a remote control and management system for water supply and sanitation at the facilities of the Chernigivvodokanal utility company (Chernigov)